Planning the Perfect Seattle Date Adventure

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Whether you're looking to plan a casual and fun first date to take your latest Hinge or Bumble date on, want to put together a fun weekend adventure with significant other, or need ideas for an off-site with co-workers/BFF day, Seattle is one of the best cities for date night or date day for adventure-seekers, foodies, or those looking for a cozy Sunday day out.

With plenty of options for literally every type of dietary requirements, a plethora of fun experiences and activities of all types, and some of the best food in the country, grab your babe and get ready for a fun night on the town or date day adventure!

Ben Dutton @benjamiindutton

The Itinerary

When it comes to a morning/day/afternoon/night on the town or exploring local hot spots and sight-seeing, we're breaking down our ideal date options -- ambiance, quality food, adventure, and keeping it easy, breezy, and fun.

Whether you want to keep your day casual and inexpensive because it's a first or second date with someone new, want to plan something that lasts a few hours to get to know someone better, or plan an all day/evening adventure with your bf/bestie/fiancé/wife/hubs, pick and chose from a few of our favorite things to do in and around Seattle...

The Options


Did you know that Seattle has the most coffee shops of anyone in the country? 278 coffee shops in the Emerald City, to be exact (Matador Network, 2019). Local roasters and cafes line the streets, no matter which neighborhood you're in, so if you're looking to plan a coffee date, add these spots to your list -

Taylor Vick @tvick

Activities / Day Dates:

We def recommend scoping out your date's personality when it comes to adventures prior to planning something out of the ordinary, but if one thing is for sure, it's this...there's something for everyone in and around Seattle when it comes to fun things to do -


If you're not sure if you want breakfast or lunch, or just want to allot time to sleep in and get ready before a late-morning/early-afternoon date or fuel before an afternoon adventure, brunch is a great option. Whether you prefer the best eggs benny in town, or are more of a french toast connoisseur, you can't go wrong with these fan-faves -

Adrien Sala @adriensala


Great for a casual first date or for getting out of the house on lazy weekends, there's no shortage of fun and delish lunch spots in and around Seattle. Regardless if you're looking to pair an afternoon excursion with a bite to eat, or just meet for an hour or so, a lunch date is always a great option at one of these local spots -


Want to do something different and grab a cocktail over axe throwing or mini golf? Or want to get dressed up for a fancy night out? Or just grab a beer or cider somewhere with a fun patio and ambiance? We got you...


Whether you want to get dressed up and go somewhere classy, throw on a flannel and All Birds, or want to eat with your hands, dinner options in Seattle are truly endless...

Rasmus Mikkelstrup @rasiquiz


Treat your date like the snack he/she is... Score brownie points (maybe literally?) by adding a dessert spot to your date-night (or extend a coffee-date-gone-well by grabbing a donut from one of the bakeries).

So, tell us...what are you planning?

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